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I am Mbata David, an alumnus of the ICT University, Cameroon campus. I am rounding up my MSc. Degree in International Management at the University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom delivered at the EU Business School Munich, Germany.

I learned of the ICT University in October 2017 through a Facebook page link shared by a friend in Equatorial Guinea. Against all other alternatives, my application was reviewed and I was offered admission into the faculty of ICT.

Up to this point, I am proud of my achievements; thanks to the mentorship I received at the ICT-U which has tremendously added value to my personal, social, academic and professional life. I am grateful to the management and staff for life-changing opportunities.

My experiences are so delightful when I take a look back. The flexible learning system offered by the university was a major game-changer in the way we studied. Learning was so flexible that permitted students to take classes both onsite and online in an interactive learning
environment and in real-time. Most importantly, the curriculum was customized to meet the needs of the job market and to facilitate further studies. I am so proud of all the well cherished experiences gotten from this great institution.

The most exciting part was the fact that you could complete your degree program in a shorter time than the normal, thanks to the typical American tailored system of education with three semesters a year.
Yes! this is possible at the ICT University and this is thanks to its unique academic calendar.

I remain thankful to the administration for setting this wonderful milestone to foster quality education in Africa.

At the ICT University, we are one big family.

Mbata David.

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