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Terry and Linda Byrd Research Center


To focus on “developmental and applied research” centered on the introduction, application, implementation, management, and performance of “Exponential Technologies” to radically transform the world’s economies for the advancement and betterment of human society. The Research Center is especially interested in research that will stimulate, provoke, and influence the transformation of the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) economies through these technologies to dramatically improve the business, health, education, and general welfare of this very important region of the world.

Areas of interest

The Drs. Terry and Linda Byrd Research Center is a research institution that examines, analyzes, surveys, assesses, grades, and understands so-called Exponential Technologies and their utilization in advancing the business, health, education, and general welfare of humanity, especially in the SSA region.  Exponential Technologies are technologies that are advancing at an exponential rate and have the potential to thoroughly and entirely change the entire trajectory of human development.

Technologies of interest includes rapidly growing technologies such as:

  • 3-D Printing
  • Block Chain Technology
  • Material Science and Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Renewable Energies and Food Fabrication

The world is being digitized at an alarming rate as Exponential Technologies infiltrate every part of human society such as business, health, education, energy, and communications. Digitization ultimately leads to two powerful characteristics of Exponential Technologies, democratization and decentralization. Inherent in these characteristics is the implication that power and wealth that have largely been in the hands of a few powerful governments, enormously large organizations, and the wealthiest among us can finally begin to move and reside in the hands of everyone, everywhere in the world. The Research Center is acutely interested in investigating this transformation of the world by these Exponential Technologies and informing the world as we transition into a new Third Generation Economy.

In the future times, we intend to

  • open a window where a community of researchers can join us in our quest to deliver quality researches
  • make available our research works in journals and conferences as well as use several media to disseminate our research for the benefit of mankind.
  • Organize seminars, conferences, and colloquiums in order to deliver our research findings to the masses in an understandable and acceptable manner.

Current Activities and State of Progress in Research:

The research center is currently working on two research papers:

The Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on SMEs in Selected Sub – Saharan African Economies: An Empirical Approach” has been completed and is currently under review by Dr. Terry Byrd

Excerp coming soon…

Online Teaching by Universities in Cameroon as a Response Strategy in Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross Sectional Analysis”.

Brief Description of the Current Research Paper

Objective: To explore how Universities in Cameroon have adopted online teaching as an alternative to the traditional classroom teaching in these times of Covid-19 as well as the available online tools that are used.

Design: Cross-sectional in-depth qualitative interviews

Research Team Members:

  1. Ndah Grimbald (Ph.D. Fellow – BADS): Research Team Coordinator
  2. Abdallah Ziraba (Ph.D. Fellow – ICT): Research Team Member
  3. Martha Abeja Ekure (Ph.D. Fellow – BADS): Research Team Member

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