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Accreditations and Equivalencies


Founded over ten years ago, The ICT University (The American curriculum-based university serving developing nations), has multiple campuses of The ICT University Foundation, USA. All ICT University Foundation campuses are based in developing countries. The ICT University Foundation is registered and chartered in the State of Louisiana, USA (Charter Number: 40115325N). The Foundation is the funding organ of all ICT University campuses. It also funds donations of ICT equipment, e-Learning laboratories and e-Libraries for many universities located in the developing world in general and Africa in particular.

The headquarter of ICT University’s African campuses is based in Cameroon. The University’s Cameroon campus is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon (Accreditation/Approval number: 02/04505/N/MINESUP/DDES/ESUP/SAC/ebm of 21st September 2012). Serving more than 15,000 students worldwide via on-site and online programs, the ICT University develops productive and relevant Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level scholars to utilize their research and training in solving the substantial problems in their countries.

Accreditation update


All graduates of The ICT University seeking for further studies and or employments in the United States or Canada, can obtain an international equivalence of their degrees from The ICT University from the services of the International Education Evaluation via;

1. International Education Evaluation, Inc

2. Evaluation Service, Inc

The aforementioned academic agencies are highly reputable and approved by The US Government (Department of Education) for providing quality international equivalence of international degrees and transcripts. In the case of any further inquiry, do not hesitate to contact the university via support@ictuniversity.edu.cm