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ICT University Founder, Prof Victor Mbarika Champions African Leadership Award in London!

On July 14, 2023, Professor Victor Mbarika, president and founder of the prestigious ICT University received another distinguished award from the African Achievers Award.

The African Achievers Awards is an annual awards ceremony that celebrates African excellence by recognizing and honoring notable individuals and organizations in Africa across multiple industries that contribute immensely to the growth and development of the continent.

Taking place at the British House of Lords in the presence of Lord Simon Wooley, member of the House of Lords Uk parliament, Palace of Westminster, the astute and patriotic professor Victor Mbarika received this award flagged in a Cameroon tie fiercely representing and honoring his country, Cameroon.

During the ceremony, several laureates were awarded. However, it is worth mentioning that, Professor Victor Mbarika was the sole recipient of the African Leadership Awards due to his leadership in academic and other sectors of development on the continent.

“I give thanks to God and dedicate this award to my beloved country, Cameroon where I started learning leadership as a youngster, and also to my father and hero, Mr. George Mbarika. As a means to portray my patriotism and honor my country, I decided to present myself in a tie with Cameroon’s flag at the event’’ He told the press during an interview.