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ICT-U Success Stories: Alamene Okoyen


My name is Alamene Okoyen. I’m a former student of the ICT University from Nigeria. I recently finished my master’s degree in Information Systems Management at the Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

I was admitted ino the prestigious ICT University in spring 2015. Before jetting off Nigeria to Cameroon to undertake a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology, I did a little research on the university and found some fantastic courses that captured my interest, which I do not regret till date. Even though I could not find any captivating campus ecosystem as at then, I decided to pack my bag and I left for the ICT University. Upon arrival on campus in Biyem-Assi, Yaounde, my earlier suspicions were not dissappointed but however, I was shocked and impressed with the course content and the quality of teaching delivered during the lectures.

Another thing made my study period in the ICT University so interesting is the summer semester, which in turn drastically reduced my duration ( from four years to three years) in the university. Overall, I had a wonderful experience undertaking my undergraduate degree, in terms of the university’s open-door policy, staff, teachers and student relationship to social life on campus.

It is important to acknowledge that my academic success here in the UK can largely be attributed to the ICT University for my academic foundation.

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