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ICT University's Fine Leadership

Management Team

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Anyambod Anya

Vice Chancellor
(237) 222-311-218

Rev.Prof. Anyambod is former Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology, Yaounde. He equally was Founder and Pioneer Rector of the Protestant University of Central Africa. As rector of PUCA, he founded numerous of the known today faculties including the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies with specialization in Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine.

Prof. Mrs. Elizabeth Vukeh Tamajong, PhD

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Vukeh Tamajong is a woman who has always known how to highlight her various assets for the benefit of society. She holds several positions of responsibility within the administration, associations and in her political party.

Prof. Pierre Fonkoua

Vice Chancellor of Francophone Studies
(237) 994 36 00

– Professeur Titulaire des Universités hors échelle,
– Vice Recteur des programmes francophones à ICT University
– Coordonnateur des Chaires Doctorales UNESCO : Education; Education et Santé ; Droits de l’Homme et Culture de la Paix.

Eunice M. Mbarika

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration
(237) (671) 430-030

Eunice M. Mado is a Leader with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Technology, Communication, Analysis and Problem solving. She built her career experience in the United States and now serves in Cameroon at the ICT University.

Dr. Jerry YONGA

Dean of ICT and Engineering

Dr. Yonga is a consultant, mentor, speaker, and blogger in the areas of Information Technology, Project Management, Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology topics. He has more than 30 years of hands-on business acumen, project management, software engineering, computer programming, and cybersecurity knowledge. He has been researching Blockchain technology since 2011.

Dr. Alain Vilard Ndi Isoh

Dean of Studies

Dr. Isoh is Dean of Studies at ICT University. Dr. Isoh does research in Quantitative Social Research, Qualitative Social Research and Public Economics. His most recent publication is “Examining The Effects of Succession Planning on The Sustainability of Family Businesses.”

Dr. Oneurine Ngwa

Assistant Research Professor, ICT University Foundation

Dr. Oneurine Ngwa received her MBA and PhD from Southern University A&M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dr. Ngwa has served as Assistant Research Professor for ICT University Foundation since 2014.

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