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ICT University's Fine Leadership

Faculty Staff

Ms Chelsea Tarbot

Assistant Registrar

Mr Peter Ebelle

Coordinator French

Ms. Nga-Mbita Marguerite N

Coordinator – Marketing

Mr. Emmanuel Fru

Coordinator – AWS Academy / CPOC

Mr Silbrid Fobuteh

Sub-director Admin/ Admin Assist to VC

Mrs Tita Salome

Director of Finance

Mr Rick Fongah

Director of Infrastructure and Main.

Mr Aaron Enow Agbor

Director of Administration

Mr Eric Mbarika

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Dr Abdallah Ziraba


Mr Epie Ananfah Eponsime

Executive Assist – President of the Board

Dr. Ndah Grimbad

Dean-BMS/Chair Entrepreneurship

Dr. Luc Ngend

Dean-ICT/ Chair Artificial Intelligence

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