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The ICT University E-library is the central hub that supports all students, staff and parents din providing relevant and recent documentation for their respective needs. The library combines several elements: books, computers, resources, and reading space.

Apart from having just physical books in numerous fields of studies, the ICT University E-Library has an electronic section which comprises of over 40,000,000 e-books, articles, journals, magazines, videos, audios, etc., to enable and facilitate teaching and learning within the ICT University Community. Each of these elements plays an important role in supporting teaching and learning. ICTU E-library is most effective when these elements are combined into an integrated whole.

The ICT University E-Library exists to provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals with a focus on intellectual content, information literacy, and the learn

The purpose of the ICT University E-Library
  1. It provides suitable documents and information helpful in educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school 
  2. It makes available text books and other additional reading material for all subjects as per the requirement of teachers and students
  3. It keeps reference books, dictionaries, year books, directories, encyclopedias, travel books, etc. so that students and teachers can get help of these other than the text books
  4. It also keeps some books on easy self-learning,,, like how to use a computer, to develop the learning skills of students
Presentation and scope of the Library

The ICT University library is made up of both a physical library and a digital local area network library. The physical library is made up of 80,000 physical books, 12 desktop computers, 14 chairs, 06 tables and 18 books shelf while the online library has 40,000,000 online books.

Signing in & out Procedures

Each student can have 1 book out at a time. Additional check-outs may be granted for projects or special circumstances.

Library Rules and Regulations

Each student can have 1 book out at a time. Additional check-outs may be granted for projects or special circumstances.

Until the book signed out is returned, a student can’t sign out another book

Books signed out have to be returned within one week. However, the sign-out can be renewed until the student finishes reading the book. Renewal will mean the student returns the book and sign it out again.

To sign out a book, you need to fill in the library registrar with your name, address, contact information and the date.

Fines And Penalties

Students who are not on task, disrupting other students, or engaging in inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the library to return to their classroom teacher and administration will be notified.    

Overdue fine is charged from the first overdue date/day.

Overdue fines on books is 100frs per book per day.

Lost or damaged books must be replaced with another copy or paid for at the market price of the book plus any overdue fees incurred during the replacement process.

How to connet to the E-library
  • Step One: Using your phone, tablet or computer, get connected on any of ICTs wireless Network (preferably Student if you are a student)
  • Step Two: Once connected to ICT’s Wireless network, open any web browser, preferably Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Step Three: With your web browser, you have two ways to search a book in our E-Library
  • Method One: By typing the address in the address bar
  • This method gives you access to the ICT U E-library search page. Here, you can search for a book based on a keyword, just like searching on Google. It is important to put keywords in quotes (for example, “accounting,” “economics,” or “mathematics”) so it will be more specific. Here, all books matching the keyword typed will be displayed
  • Method Two: By typing the address in the address bar of your web browser
  • This method gives you access to all the collections of e-books, grouped under various disciplines. You need to just go through the discipline to select the book you want
Opening and closing hours
Monday 8am5pm
Tuesday 8am5pm
Wednesday 8am5Pm
Thursday 8am5Pm
Friday 8am5Pm