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ICT University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Flies to Chad for Scholastic Conveyance!

From May 7 to 11, 2023, Professor Pierre Fonkoua, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for
Administration and Registrar of The ICT University, USA, Cameroon Campus, journeyed to
Chad for academic transference. This was following the solicitation of his expertise by the
International Bureau of Education, UNESCO in Geneva. This was for the piloting of the
Workshop on the Validation of pedagogical supervisors’ reference frameworks of the Ministry of
National Education and Civic Promotion (MENPC), Chad which took place at the Radisson
Hotel in Ndjamena.

It should be noted that Prof. Pierre Fonkoua of ICT University, recognized as Senior Referent
of the IBE-UNESCO, has contributed during the preceding months to the training of senior
MENPC staff in training engineering, methods and techniques for the development of the
Culture of Chadian Youth National Base Competencies (SNCC) and the use of the Competency-Based Approach in the elaboration of the Reference Frameworks of the Ministry of National
Education and Civic Promotion of Chad.

In line with this temporary pedagogic journey, Prof Pierre Fonkoua presided the 5th doctoral
training seminar organized by the Chadian Chapter of The ICT University at Hôtel la Tchadienne
in Ndjamena from May 12 to 14, 2023.
It is worth mentioning that The ICT University has a good partnership with the University of
MONDOU, Chad and this training session is part of the inter-university cooperation between the
two Universities.

This session allowed students to master the methods and techniques of scientific writing that is
necessary for the mastery of writing dissertations, theses and scientific articles. Some of these
students are in the phase of finishing their courses and others are waiting to take doctoral
synthesis and pre-supervision exams.

The ICT University is quite optimistic about this partnership and welfare of its foreign students
and ecstatic about this sacrificial adventure by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of
Administration and Registrar of The ICT University.