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Faculty of Business Management and Sustainability


The mission of the faculty is to offer programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, to develop and produce business professionals capable of using human capital and other resources to meet the development needs of companies and their societies.


At our Business Management and Sustainability Faculty, we envision cultivating a transformative learning environment where innovation, ethical leadership, and environmental stewardship converge. Our commitment is to empower future business leaders with a holistic understanding of management practices, emphasizing sustainability as a core pillar.


To develop students’ intellectual, managerial and entrepreneurial skills,
To foster the ability to organize, analyze and interpret information for decision-making,
To inculcate high moral standards of personal and professional behaviour,
To develop students’ integrity, accountability and transparency, and
To develop a sense of curiosity and inquiry needed for innovative thinking and the development of

Scientific Council
Advisory Board
Examination Board
Disciplinary Comittee

Comprised of accomplished and expert individuals in various scientific fields. Advises the university on matters related to research, innovation, and scientific development, and plays a key role in shaping the institution’s research agenda and promoting a culture of scientific excellence.

Composed of external experts, industry leaders, and distinguished individuals. Offers strategic guidance and counsel to the university administration.

Helps the institution stay aligned with industry trends, fosters partnerships, and provides insights to enhance overall effectiveness.

Responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of academic assessments within the university. Develops examination policies, sets question papers, and ensures fair and transparent evaluation processes. Works to maintain the academic standards and integrity of the university’s assessment system.

Ensures the maintenance of a disciplined and ethical environment within the university community. Investigates and addresses cases of misconduct and violation of university rules by students or staff.

Recommends and implements appropriate disciplinary actions to uphold the institution’s code of conduct.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Sustainability

Bachelors of Science [BSc] in Banking and Finance [BNF]

Bachelors of Science [BSc] in Accounting Information Technology [AIT]

Graduate Programs

Masters in Development Planning [DVP]

International Masters in Business Administration [iMBA]