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STEM Education

The ICT University has put in place a variety of STEM centric boot camps for high school and secondary school students for an early hands-on initiation to STEM education. This is in order to ignite the genius residing in these youngsters to drive actual innovations. 

Boot Camp Categories

Robo-Drone Techmasters

  • Dive into the exciting realms of robotics and drone technology.
  • Learn to program and control robots and drones to perform complex tasks.
  • Collaborate with fellow enthusiasts to tackle robotic and drone challenges and competitions.

Tech Innovators

  • Unleash the Power of IoT:
  • Design and build your own smart devices and systems.
  • Explore innovative solutions for real-world challenges using IoT technologies.

Cyber Guardians

  • Discover the critical field of computer science-cyber security.
  • Learn essential skills to protect networks, systems, and data from cyber threats.
  • Engage in hands-on exercises and simulations to develop your cyber defense expertise.

Green Tech Champions

  • Explore the crucial connection between environment, climate change, and technology.
  • Dive into smart energy systems, renewable energy sources, and energy conservation.
  • Discover how technology can revolutionize agriculture, promoting sustainable farming practices and precision agriculture techniques.

Who can join the boot camp ?

The free boot camp is open to students between 12 and 17. It’s a free fun learning experience !

  • 4 weeks free boot camp
  • Learn in a fun and engaging environment
  • Discover or rediscover some really cool tech
  • Enrich you mind with new ideas and possibilities

Importance of STEM Education

STEM education gives people skills that make them more employable and ready to meet the current labor demand. It encompasses the whole range of experiences and skills. Each STEM component brings a valuable contribution to a well-rounded education. Science gives learners an in-depth understanding of the world around us

The ICT University is giving youths the opportunity to gain an insight on real world skills through its free STEM boot camps. Make the most out of this summer vacation by participating in this 4 weeks Boot Camp. 

Contact For Boot Camp

The Boot Camp will run for 4 weeks from August 1st

ICT University STEM Program

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Email : stemeducation@ictuniversity.edu.cm