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ICT University’s student take an oath to be disciplined and loyal

The ICT University in Cameroon on Monday, November 30, 2020 organised a matriculation ceremony to officially open doors for its new students for the 2020-2021 academic year. This took place in their campus at Messassi in Yaounde, Cameroon’s political capital.

The event was presided over by the Minister of Higher Education who was represented by the Director of Academic Cooperation in the person of Prof. Ausgutina Fongod.

Present at the ceremony were the administrators of institution among whom was the President of the Board of Trustees and few others who connected remotely from their various locations out of the country.

However, the other staff and administrators of the institution were present in the hall to welcome the students who were officially taking their oath to live by the regulations of the University.

In a welcome speech from the Vice Chancellor of the Institution; Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Anyambod Anya, he expressed gratitude to their special guests who showed up to give the honor the ceremony deserved.

Counting the innovations the ICT University is bringing for the Cameroonians and anybody wishing to study at the institution, the Vice Chancellor of the school said a francophone section of the university has been put in place to give an opportunity to French speaking citizens to study ICTs and if possible be bilingual.

“We must give an opportunity to have francophones students studying ICT here in French. Our hope is that, though they will study in French, at the time they finish their studies, they will be perfectly bilingual in English and French” said the Rev. Prof Emmanuel Anyambod Anya.

The President of the Board of Trustees, Prof Victor Mbarika, known to be a top educational entrepreneur and an iconic professor who gained his professorial title at 32, attended the matriculation ceremony remotely and expressed his gratitude to the staff of the institution as well as their donors and partners who have been able to empower them to keep molding minds in the world of ICTs.

Administrators of ICT University and the special guests at matriculation

Special among his academic gift for Cameroonians is a scholarship which was given to some physically challenged persons and also that which went to some relatives of the children who were gruesomely murdered in Kumba by unidentified gun men.

To them it was a means to help the families acquire education that could open them to opportunities to help other members of the family to be better.

 For her part, Prof Augustina Fongod, MINSUP’s representative called on the new students matriculating to use the opportunity given to them to study harder and do better than the founder of the institution.

The special Ambassador of the School, Charles Ebune, talking to the students during the ceremony, cautioned them to respect their lecturers every time and become the solution the problems of the emerging world.

A special discuss from one of Cameroon’s reputable civil engineer and businessman, Eric Njong, who is the CEO of BUNS called on students to be committed so as to explore the opportunities in their domains.

“You will soon learn that studying in the University is different from studying for an entrance examination. Searching for the correct answer to the question you are provided is not enough. You must attempt coming up with your own questions, creating new knowledge and learn to look deeper into the principles.” Said Eric Njong.

The students, after hearing a lot from those who spoke to them, were given the opportunity to take an oath promising to live by the principles of ICT University while following the vision as the next generation of problem solvers.

Source : News Upfront

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