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2023 STEM Education Summer Camp

Join Us for an Exciting 4-Week Immersive STEM Education Boot Camp!

Are you ready to ignite your passion for STEM and embark on an unforgettable learning journey? Look no further! STEM Ignite proudly presents our cutting-edge summer camp designed to explore the fascinating realms of IoT, Robotics, Programming with Drones, Computer Science-Cyber Security, Environment & Climate Change, and Smart Energy & Smart Agriculture. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your horizons and gain invaluable skills!

Categories of Learning:

  1. “Tech Innovators” – Unleash the Power of IoT:
    • Develop a deep understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its practical applications.
    • Design and build your own smart devices and systems.
    • Explore innovative solutions for real-world challenges using IoT technologies.
  2. “Robo-Drone Tech Masters” – Master Robotics and Programming with Drones:
    • Dive into the exciting realms of robotics and drone technology.
    • Learn to program and control robots and drones to perform complex tasks.
    • Collaborate with fellow enthusiasts to tackle robotic and drone challenges and competitions.
  3. “Cyber Guardians” – Secure the Digital World:
    • Discover the critical field of computer science-cyber security.
    • Learn essential skills to protect networks, systems, and data from cyber threats.
    • Engage in hands-on exercises and simulations to develop your cyber defense expertise.
  4. “Green Tech Champions” – Shaping a Sustainable Future:
    • Explore the crucial connection between environment, climate change, and technology.
    • Dive into smart energy systems, renewable energy sources, and energy conservation.
    • Discover how technology can revolutionize agriculture, promoting sustainable farming practices and precision agriculture techniques.

Why Join Us?

  1. Engage in hands-on, immersive learning experiences.
  2. Collaborate with like-minded STEM enthusiasts and industry experts.
  3. Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.
  4. Gain practical knowledge applicable to real-world challenges.
  5. Receive mentorship from experienced STEM professionals.
  6. Showcase your achievements and participate in exciting competitions.
  7. Become part of a supportive STEM community passionate about making a difference.

Registration Requirements:

  1. Age Requirement: Participants must be between the ages of 12 and 17 to register for the boot camp. However, exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis for younger children who show a strong interest and aptitude for STEM education.
  2. Registration Form: Complete the official registration form provided by STEM Ignite. The form will collect necessary information such as participant’s name, age, contact details, and any relevant medical or dietary considerations.
  3. Parental Consent: Participants under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian consent to participate in the boot camp. A signed consent form or acknowledgment is required as part of the registration process.
  4. Emergency Contact Information: Provide emergency contact details, including the name and contact number of a parent or guardian who can be reached during the boot camp.
  5. Commitment to Attend: Participants are expected to commit to attending all sessions of the 4-week boot camp. Prioritize availability and ensure that other commitments or conflicts do not hinder full participation.
  6. Interest and Passion for STEM: Participants should have a genuine interest and passion for STEM subjects. This boot camp is designed to provide an immersive learning experience, and enthusiasm for the topics covered is highly encouraged.
  7. Basic Computer Skills: Basic computer skills, including familiarity with using a computer, browsing the internet, and operating software, are beneficial but not mandatory. Participants will receive guidance and support throughout the boot camp.
  8. Academic Standing: There are no specific academic requirements for registration. The boot camp aims to engage participants of varying academic backgrounds and experiences.

Registration details and contact information

Don’t miss this chance to be part of our 4-week immersive STEM education boot camp! Register now and unlock the doors to endless possibilities in the world of technology and innovation.

Limited spots available! Secure your place today!

For more information, email outreach@stemignite.org

Registration Deadline: July 20th 2023