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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs do you offer at ICT University?

The ICT University offers Top Up BSc. Degrees for students with HND, BTS, DUT or equivalent to complete(top up) their Bachelors within 12-18 months(3-4 Semesters). We offer Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. programs in multiple disciplines as listed at the end of this document.

We also offer an I-MBA for full time students and busy executives, as well as diploma programs in Health Information Technology, Telemedicine, ICT Education, E-Learning and Executive leadership in Technology. We offer multiple professional certifications including CISCO and Microsoft.

2.Is the ICT university an accredited university?

Yes, The ICT University an accredited University registered in USA State of Louisiana in 2011 Certificate ID 10214375#FGG62.

The ICT University is also approved and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon. This recognition was granted in September 2012. Hence, degrees and diplomas of The ICT University receive full recognition by Governments around the globe.

3.What distinguishes ICT University from other universities?

The ICT-U offers a hybrid blend of online and onsite diplomas degree programs ICT, Engineering, Business Management and Public Health. In other words, you can opt to take your program onsite or online. Most of our onsite programs also have professors from the US teach some of the courses online, in real time.

Essentially with our online part of the program, you get to see your professor live and can interact with him/her through our video conferencing technologies. You can ask questions live as if the professor was physically there with you.

For students with poor internet access at home, they can come to any of our multimedia facilities to attend the video conference classes. ICT-U also provides study abroad opportunities for students to spend one summer per year at our US-based center, as well as other global affiliate institutions. You will be joined – in-class and online – by a growing group of peers from Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, and South East Asia.


4.How many semesters are there in a year?

The ICT University operates on a tri-semester system: Spring (February – June), Summer (June – September) and Fall (October – January). Students can apply to join in any Semester. Given that ICT-U follows the typical American University calendar, there are two main semesters in an academic year (Fall and Spring). The third semester (Summer) is optional for students who wish to expedite completion of their program.

The summer semester runs from June to September and students taking this option will pay the equivalence of one semester tuition/fees.

The top-up bachelors program takes about 18-24 months (3-4 semesters) depending on the student’s background; the bachelors program typically takes four years to complete but can be completed in three years if the students takes the Summer option; the master’s program take an average of 18 months (three semesters) depending on student’s academic background; the Ph.D. program takes about 3-4 years depending on the student’s background and ability to complete their coursework and thesis on time.


5. I have a Bachelor Degree can I apply for the Ph.D. program?

Yes, we also admit students with bachelor’s degree to the PhD program. However, such students would typically have outstanding academic backgrounds and will obtain a Masters from ICT-U in the process of their Ph.D. program. Such students would take about a year longer than the students coming in with a Master’s degree.

6. I hold an HND/BTS/DUT or equivalent diploma am I eligible to apply for your masters programs?

No, holders of HND or its equivalent will need to go through our Top Up Bachelors Program before they can be considered for the Masters.

7. Are there supervised exams for the Top Up B.Sc program?

Yes, a portion of the program weighs heavily on research papers required for the program.

8. Do you accept transfer credits from other Universities?

Rarely. The admissions office will evaluate on a case by case basis.

9. How do I upload my application documents online?

Visit the ICT University Application Form to complete an online application. All application documents must be submitted during the application process.

If you are unable to submit some documents at the time you are applying, submit available documents and send the rest via email.

You should reply to the confirmation email from the first application to ensure proper association of the new information.

10. I am having difficulties uploading electronic copies of my application documents online.

We strongly recommend that when uploading electronic copies of your application document, use a high speed internet connection because slow connection will take a longer time and the system will automatically log you out.
If you do not have access to high speed internet connection, email your application form to the admissions office: admissions@ictuniversity.org and admin@ictuniversity.org.

11. Do I still need to mail my original transcripts after uploading scanned copies?

Yes, after uploading scanned copies of your application, you need to mail (or deposit) originals of all documents submitted. These originals can also be handed to your country’s ICT-U representative or at the Office of Admissions at the Yaounde campus.

12. Can my referee submit a written letter of recommendation rather than using the forms online?

It is not obligatory for your referees to use the recommendation form. However, if your referee will not be using the form, he/she should submit the recommendation on his/her company’s letterhead. If not he/she should clearly print their name and address as well as your full name at the top of the letter.


13. What are the payment options for the tuition and $25 application fee?

14. What does the Admissions Committee consider other than grades or GPA?

In evaluating an applicant, the admissions committee will also consider letters of recommendation, work experience, awards, and statement of purpose, research experience, publications and any other supporting documents provided by the applicant.

15. Will I need to write and pass any standardized exam before being admitted?

No, we do not require any standardized test for admissions. We perform our own internal assessments.

16. Who is considered a full and part time student?

Full time: 9 hours and above per semester for Masters and Ph.D. students and 12 hours and above per semester for undergraduate students. Top Up BSc students do not have the part time option, they all take 12 credit hours per semester.

17. Does the ICT University offer scholarship opportunities?

Yes, we offer partial undergraduate and post graduate scholarships of $500 (250,000Fcfa) per year for undergraduate students and $1000 (500,000Fcfa) per year for post graduate students.

However these scholarship opportunities are only available upon fulfillment of scholarship conditions as stipulated on the scholarship application form. For a copy of the scholarship application form, visit The ICT University website’s scholarship section or email us at: admin@ictuniversity.org.

18. Can i take a break for a few semesters and resume when I am ready?

Yes, registered students can apply for suspension of studies and are free to rejoin whenever they are ready.

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