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Xaviera Nguefo Kowo : Robotics for development

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At just 18, Xaviera Nguefo, a Cameroonian programmer, has developed a waste treatment robot capable of picking up debris as it passes by and transporting it to a defined area (garbage can, waste disposal center, recycling center, etc.) in record time. She is the first winner of the Margaret Junior Prize organized by JFD on March 8. Interview-portrait.

The Margaret Junior Awards organized by the JFD,  to promote digital skills for women, were presented on March 8. Among the winners was Xaviera Nguefo Kowo.

Xaviera Nguefo Kowo, 18, programmer, has developed a robot for waste treatment. Winner of the Margaret Award, in the Junior Africa category, she will now receive support to extend her project and continue her computer engineering studies.

Xaviera is a first year Software Engineering student in the ICT Department at the ICT University, Cameroon Campus.

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