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ICT University Inks Strategic Partnership with the University of Buea

From right to left – ICT University founder Prof Victor Mbarika and Prof Horace Ngomo Manga, UB vice chancellor

BUEA, March 14 – A leading technological institution in Cameroon, the ICT University continues to break ground in the central African nation as it signs a framework and specific agreement with the University of Buea.

The newest academic partnership of The ICT University signed with the institution took place on March 14, 2023, and represents the best national academic partnership and recognition, according to the ICT University.

Prof Victor Mbarika, Founder and President of, the Board of Trustees, of The Information and Communication Technology University (ICT University), with multiple campuses in developing countries signed on behalf of his institution while Prof Horace Ngomo Manga signed on behalf of the University of Buea.

“This collaboration is a good symbiosis. We are happy to be here and to have signed this agreement,” said Prof Emmanuel Pondi, vice chancellor of the ICT University.

“The (two concerned faculties) are monitored by UB and the quality is checked, to make sure that everything is ok. The diplomas are signed by UB, together with ICT University, which was not the case before.”

With the agreement, the University of Buea shall henceforth mentor the Bachelor and Master’s Programs in the areas of Business Management and ICTs. It is worth noting that The ICT University is accredited to provide academic training and short courses in the area of applied ICTs in different academic specializations.

“They have to ensure that all the exigencies of quality assurance are respected in the training of the students hosted in their institutes,” Prof Horace Ngomo Manga, vice chancellor of the University of Buea told journalists.

“… From admission, right up to the writing of exams, to the test questions, everything is going to be supervised by the University of Buea. In the end, we believe we have done everything to ensure that the quality of education that the students get matched those from the University of Buea.”

With a plethora of programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, including diploma and certification programs, the ICT University offers a dynamic and flexible learning environment that inspires innovation and creativity and lays emphasis on student access.

Nano-Satellite Centre, a game changer

As part of its contributions to this historic academic partnership agreement, the ICT University is making available the ICT University Microsoft Academy; the ICT University [AWS] Amazon Web Service Academy; the ICT University Nano-Satellite Centre (already operational); the ICT University Digital Library Services and the ICT University Radio and Television Broadcasting Services to the entire academic community of the University of Buea.

“ICT University is now proud to go local. One of the shortcomings we have hard is that we have been overly focused on our international partners and mentors, especially in the USA. ICT University is coming for mentoring but I am also humble that UB requested that we assist them in some of our expertise in the ICT domain,” Prof Victor Mbarika, Founder and President of the ICT University said.

The Nano-Satellite Centre is in partnership with Nanosatellite Missions Design LTD, and NMD LTD and both institutions are looking to launch a satellite by May 2024. A leading institution in imparting technology-transformative knowledge and skills in Cameroon, ICT University’s satellites are expected to be used for civilian purposes such as in medicine, and agriculture among others.

This collaboration is a good symbiosis, said Prof Emmanuel Pondi, vice chancellor of the ICT University

“We have to start looking far ahead. Africa requires communication independence and we need our independent satellite technologies. Today, a lot of our technologies are dependent on the western world,” Prof Victor Mbarika said concerning ICT University’s Nano-Satellite Centre which is already operational.

“We don’t have to depend on the western world forever, and that is why satellite technology is important. It may take us time but we have spent to get the satellite equipment it is such that we can have our communications independent. It is here already.”

About the ICT University

The ICT University Cameroon is a private institution based in Yaounde, which provides learning in the fields of ICT, renewable energies, telecommunications management, educational sciences and the development of managerial capacities specially targeted for Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. It also has a French-speaking section in Cameroon.

ICT University started in 2010 and was accredited by Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education in 2012. It currently serves more than 15, 000 students on-site and online. The University develops productive and relevant Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level scholars to utilize their research and training in solving the substantial problems in their countries.

Source: Pan-African Visions