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Wednesday 16 Apr 2014
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Teaching Approach.

A combination of in-class and online learning gives students a diverse range of ICT experiences. 

Teaching Approach. Teaching Approach.

ICT-U USA Launches Institutions in SSA

ICTU USA has launch new campuses in Nigeria and Uganda

ICT-U USA Launches Institutions in SSA ICT-U USA Launches Institutions in SSA

Indian Based Students

ICT-U Trains More than 5000 Students in India in Digital Literacy

Indian Based Students Indian Based Students

Earn a Degree or a Diploma Online or Onsite

ICT-U faculty represent a diverse academic portfolio with rich teaching and research credentials

Earn a Degree or a Diploma Online or Onsite Earn a Degree or a Diploma Online or Onsite
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About ICTU

A plethora of scholars and practitioners have suggested the dire need for human capacity development for developing economies in the domains of ICT, Engineering, Management and Sustainable Development. Empowering these economies to develop the right solutions with contextual and cultural relevance requires institutions to educate and train students to meet their contemporary needs.

ICT-U Core Values

Pointedly Student Focused: We not only claim this, but we put our students first.  We perform regular evaluation of our services to our students and pay close attention to student feedback to ensure each students’ need are met.

ICT-U Campuses

Nigeria: ANAN/ICTU
Cameroon: ICTU Campus
India: ICTU Campus

Programs offered

Program Description

Program Brochure

Degree Programs

President's Note

Projects and Initiatives