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Tuesday 04 Aug 2015
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ICT-U graduates 20 students for a Post Graduate Diploma in ICT

The first badge of students in a joint post graduate diploma in ICT (PGD-ICT) received their diploma on Friday 30th May, 2014

ICT-U graduates 20 students for a Post Graduate Diploma in ICT ICT-U graduates 20 students for a Post Graduate Diploma in ICT

Teaching Approach.

A combination of in-class and online learning gives students a diverse range of ICT experiences. 

Teaching Approach. Teaching Approach.

ICT-U USA Launches Institutions in SSA

ICTU USA has launch new campuses in Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana,

ICT-U USA Launches Institutions in SSA ICT-U USA Launches Institutions in SSA

Indian Based Students

ICT-U Trains More than 5000 Students in India in Digital Literacy

Indian Based Students Indian Based Students

Earn a Degree or a Diploma Online or Onsite

ICT-U faculty represent a diverse academic portfolio with rich teaching and research credentials

Earn a Degree or a Diploma Online or Onsite Earn a Degree or a Diploma Online or Onsite
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ICT-U Core Values

Pointedly Student Focused:

Pointedly Student Focused: We not only claim this, but we put our students first.  We perform regular evaluation of our services to our students and pay close attention to student feedback to ensure each students’ need are met.

Geographically Oriented:

Geographically Oriented: We serve students and executives from four specific regions of the world: Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, and South East Asia.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Fiscal Responsibility: We operate our Center in a fiscally responsible manner. We promote fiscal responsibility in the projects with which we work.

Advocacy and Collaboration:

Advocacy and Collaboration: We are knowledgeable about information technology and communications and readily collaborate with others to advance our mission. We value and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration with external partners.

Learning and Professional Development:

Learning and Professional Development: We pursue training and professional development opportunities to ensure that we are knowledgeable, up-to-date, and effective. We learn from one another, we learn from others, and we learn by doing.

Direct, Open, and Honest Communication:

Direct, Open, and Honest Communication: We provide our collaborators with frequent, accurate, and up-to-date information concerning all aspects of information and communications technology. We work with our collaborators to build relationships of trust, respect, and support across cultures.

Professionalism and Integrity:

Professionalism and Integrity: The process by which we achieve results is as important as the results that we achieve. We treat all of our collaborators with respect.

Teaching and Coaching:

Teaching and Coaching: We help others understand the policies and best practices that underwrite excellence in our sponsored projects. We model best practices for others. We are patient and we listen. We mentor others seeking information and communication technology skills.


Teamwork: Every project requires the care and attention of many collaborators. We work together to meet the needs of all.


President's Note

Projects and Initiatives