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en +237 678 76 40 37 +237 651 06 00 49

Information Technology (IT) Department


The IT department is charged with the task of creating, teaching, guiding and maintaining all IT oriented infrastructure, as a service, platform and Tool. This services cut across all staffs and students both local and in diaspora. Therefore to achieve the above task we regularly update our tools and processes to meet with word best current practices. 

  • We are entrusted with the provision and maintenance of stable network on campus
  • We ensure in collaboration with the Presidency and Bursary departments that staffs get at least the best tools for their work and we ensure its work-ability in the long run
  • We are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining the various online platforms used for teaching and communication with the outside world like, Moodle, CRM, and our website
  • For lecturers and other staffs we in addition to the above ensure they are well trained to use our various platforms as when due so as to achieve their purpose but on campus and beyond.

Engineer Richard Evina

Director IT Department

ICT University,Yaounde