The Master’s program in Applied Statistics and Demography (MS) prepares students upon graduation for careers as applied statisticians in industry, government, consulting firms, and research organizations. Course requirements include at least 36 credits for a total at least 12 courses. Students are required to have basic knowledge in courses like probability and theoretical statistics. The program stresses on data analysis and statistical modeling. Most full-time students take two years (4 semesters) to complete the degree; however, it is possible to do it in 3 semesters. Students are also required to published/submit one peer reviewed and one conference publication supervised by one at least two faculty members.


Prospective Students are strongly advised to have a good background in calculus, linear algebra and also have taken at least one course in theoretical statistics and one probability. Students who have not taken these prerequisite courses will be required to take them in the first year of our graduate program, with no credit toward the requirements for the degree.

This program can be completed in two years for full-time students taking classes in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters, however; students are allowed to go above two years but cannot exceed three years. They are required to complete at least 36 credit hours selected from a list of core, required, and elective courses offered. Student may also receive credits for research work, if this work is of high scientific quality (i.e. in principle publishable) and is not related to the thesis work of the student. The course load will consist of the following:

  • Completion of Coursework
    • ICT Research Seminars (6 hours)
    • Courses in Area of Concentration (24 hours) (Manuscript development)
    • Quantitative Research Methods/Statistics (3 hours)
    • Qualitative Research Methods (3 hours)
  • Master’s degree comprehensive examination or Scientific (theory-driven) thesis and a public defense
  • Submission/Publication of two peer reviewed journal and two conference articles (facilitated through one-to-one mentoring of ICT-U faculty members)


Below is our Fee Structure elaborating all the amount of the respective programs, duration and course material fees:

View Fee Structure for Cameroonian students

View Fee Structure for International students

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