The Student Union

The Student Union (SU) is an association of all students registered in the ICT University. The following has the following as objectives and aims

  • To promote mutual contact, a spirit of oneness among the students of the ICT- University.
  • To meet, present and discuss with the University authorities on matters concerning the common interest of the Students.
  • To promote social, cultural and intellectual development of students of the ICT-University.
  • To promote harmonious relations among all the sections of the university community.
  • To develop in the students of the ICT- University, a sense of service and duty towards people and the state.
  • To promote team work among the Students of the ICT- University, thereby inculcating the research spirit in the students, leading to Academic Excellence.

 Every academic year, the union has the following activities.

  • Debates, lectures, discussions, study circles.
  • Indoor and outdoor games.
  • Trips and tours to places of Historical and educational importance.
  • Welcoming of freshmen into the University.

Some outstanding projects of the union involve running businesses and cooperatives, and the production of an annual magazine covering the year’s activities.

All other associations on campus, like international students associations, clubs etc. are all under the student Union.

We all hail from different cultural, social, economic and religious backgrounds; united by one purpose, academic and career development under the canopy of the ICT University, USA. We are therefore one people.”

Mr. TAH MARKCELL AWAZIStudent Union President
Senior Student, Information and Communication Technology.