ICT University Meetings has moved to https://meet.ictuniversity.org/ please contact your host for a meeting link.

  1. You can join ICT University meetings using a Computer or Mobile Device
  2. Please contact your meeting host for a meeting link.
  3. Type your name in the name field
  4. Type the meeting password in the password field
  5. Click “Join” and wait for the system to load.
  6. Wait for the System to load, this takes about 5-10 seconds on most networks
  7. Choose Microphone and click “allow” for the system to access your microphone
  8. Perform the audio test and once that works, click Okay
  9. You are now in the Meeting room
  10. To share Video, click the Video icon at the top of the participant’s list, choose your video quality and start sharing
  11. When not talking, please mute your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon, you can un-mute yourself when you need to speak.
  12. Presenters should connect at least 15 minutes before the meeting so as to have enough time to upload presentations and resolve any connection issue that may arise
  13. For assistance before a meeting, please contact support@ictuniversity.org or the meeting moderator.