Fee Payment

All students are responsible for paying a registration fee at the beginning of the year. Tuition payment for courses is made at the start of each semester after the student registers. All students must pay a minimum fee (half of their first installment) at the bank before they can attend any class.

They must provide a copy of the bank receipt to the registrar and in class in order to be allowed to sit for their respective courses. Students can register and pay tuition for up to five courses and not pay for any additional courses.

A full time course load is 3 classes (12 credits) or more. Students that register and enroll for less than full time courses are still responsible to pay for their tuition in full.

Scholarship NOTE

If scholarship is not enough to cover a student’s balance, the student is responsible to pay any remaining balance. In addition, if a student is not making satisfactory academic progress their scholarship can be removed and they will need to make an ICT- U Acceptable Payment Arrangement.

Scholarships are based on the assumption that students are taking a full time course load, which is 3 classes (12 credits) or more.

If a student is not enrolled full time, the amount of scholarships transmitted to their account will be prorated to reflect the amount of credits the student is enrolled in.

Payment Plan

Assisting our students in meeting their financial obligations is one of our top priorities. See our payment plan below:

Fall Semester Payment Plan.
Date of admission - 2nd October50%Semester Fees
20th November - 30th November30%Semester Fees
20th December - 30th December20%Completion of Semester Fees
Spring Semester Payment Plan.
Date of admission-2nd February50%Semester Fees
20th April- 30th April30%Semester Fees
20th May-30th May20%Completion of Semester Fees
Summer Semester Payment Plan.
Date of admission- 2nd July50%Semester Fee
20th July-30th July30%Semester Fee
20th August- 30th August20%Completion of Semester Fee