ICT-U Programs

Below you can browse through all the programs offered by the ICT University, USA. Click on “READ MORE” to view the various majors under each program.

B.Sc. Information & Communication Technology

  • ID: 1404

Information, Communication and Technology is an interdisciplinary major for students interested in combining information technology with communication foundations. Students in the major will learn skills in cutting edge technology, web design and applications, communicating information effectively, delivering information in and…

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B.Sc. Information Systems & Networking

  • ID: 1403

The information systems and networking major is designed to provide students with a technical background in information technology as well as a broad perspective of the business environment in which information technology plays a strategic role. The major emphasizes the…

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Top-Up Bachelor’s Degree

  • ID: 150

Suitable for holders of an Associates degree (HND/BTS/DUT), our top-up degree is a 3 semesters program (one and a half years).

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Bachelor’s Degree

  • ID: 149

ICT-U’s bachelor’s degree program is an 8 semesters long program that can be completed in less than that if the student takes a summer semester. After which, the student is awarded the degree.

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Diplomas and Certifications

  • ID: 148

ICT-U disposes of the adequate facility and recommended staff to dispense all the certifications and diplomas in its program.

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Master’s Degree

  • ID: 78

Our two years master’s program is very flexible and permits students from accredited universities with a bachelor’s degree to further their curriculum and earn a master’s level degree in two years.

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degree

  • ID: 64

Our doctoral level students in any of the programs below, have the opportunity to travel to a developing country for the purpose of elaborating their thesis.

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