PhD in Public Health

  • ID: 1512

The PhD in Public Health degree is an advanced professional degree program designed for the student who has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree or its equivalent and who intends to pursue a leadership career as a public health professional. The PhD in PH program is unique as it focuses on developing future leaders in public…

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PhD in Business Administration for Sustainable Development

  • ID: 1513

The PhD program in Business Administration for Sustainable Development has three different concentrations; namely Finance, Marketing, and Management. This is a research-oriented program designed to prepare students for professions in the academic and business community. The program is an intensive course of study in the theory and empiric of Finance, Marketing, and Management. The coursework…

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PhD In Software Engineering

  • ID: 1515

Computer software engineers bear the responsibility for developing and designing software. Prospective students who make up their mind to engage in a PhD in software engineering will for the most part be employed in research and teaching disciplines. A good proportion of graduates also work in the private and public sectors in research and development….

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PhD in Data Communication And Networking

  • ID: 1514

The PhD in telecommunications is a 4 year program that allows students to engage in independent, first-class research and teaching. Our research agenda covers broadly the state-of-the art Internet technologies and security from various angles. It offers research-oriented graduate study and professional specialization in Data Communication and networking. The program emphasizes both scholarly and applied…

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PhD in Telecommunications

  • ID: 1516

The PhD in telecommunications is a three year program for full-time students taking classes in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. However, students may go above three years in the program but are not allowed to stay in the program after five years. This program allows students to engage in independent, first-class research and teaching….

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PhD in Information and Communication Technology

  • ID: 1517

This program prepares students to address challenges related to information communication technology at the highest level of an organization. Students will examine the latest developments in technology and develop solutions for complex ICT strategies to company executives and stakeholders. The coursework focuses on ICT strategic analysis; Information Management and human computer interaction. The curriculum blends…

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degree

  • ID: 64

Our doctoral level students in any of the programs below, have the opportunity to travel to a developing country for the purpose of elaborating their thesis.

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