Certification in Analysis and Treatment of Audio and Visual Images

  • ID: 1518

The Audio and Video Certification program focuses on an in-depth study of lighting design, audio production, visual composition, non-linear video editing, sound design, motion graphics design, audio engineering, and acoustics. A principal function of this program is to provide individuals who have already fulfilled an academic degree or designers currently employed in broadcast media professions…

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Linux Certification

  • ID: 1520

Linux Certification. This certificate program is planned to provide students with the specific knowledge to seek entry-level employment working in the field of Linux operating systems administration. The program helps students develop skills in Linux and the Internet. Student in computer networking or network and system administration will study Linux along with other operating systems….

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Certification in Infography

  • ID: 1519

Certification in Infography. The course outline for this program is designed to meet the needs of those needing to visualize data as part or want it be an integral aspect of their job. This course teaches students how to design an infographic or create a data driven presentation decorate. Curriculum The certification program is designed…

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Diploma in E-Learning

  • ID: 1521

The Diploma of E-learning is a fully online course. It is a blend of project-based, discovery and collaborative learning approaches. It focuses on peer-to-peer facilitated communication with the use of the WebCT and WebEX tools, together with regular phone interaction and email communications to create a vibrant learning community. Learners are expected to manage their…

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Diploma In Health Information Technology (Dip. HIT)

  • ID: 1522

Diploma In Health Information Technology (Dip. HIT). The ICT University proposes to offer its Diploma in Health Information Technology (Dip. HIT) program to your students or staff at your nursing school, medical school, healthcare clinics and hospitals. This intensive six months program will result in the following 15 specific and measurable outcomes: Gain hands-on experience…

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Diploma in ICT Education

  • ID: 1523

The Diploma in ICT Education program is an intensive three-month Diploma program. Modules are taught through lectures, tutorials, and research seminars. The international reputed faculty will conduct online sessions (seminars) and students will be required to take active part in a 3 week orientation and fundamental concepts review sessions, attend 8 weeks of Lectures, a…

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Diploma In Telemedicine

  • ID: 1524

The Diploma course in telemedicine is a one academic year (two semester) course that enables the participant to understand the concept, the scope and the need for telemedicine especially in resource poor settings. The course will enable participants to develop skills for practicing developing, using and deploying electronic medical record systems and practice telemedicine on…

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Diplomas and Certifications

  • ID: 148

ICT-U disposes of the adequate facility and recommended staff to dispense all the certifications and diplomas in its program.

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