• ID: 2635

100 LEVEL (DEGREE PROGRAM) FIRST SEMESTER COURSES TOTAL REQUIREMENTS COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE CREDIT HOURS TIME MTS 101 General mathematics 2 16 HRS BIO 102 Biology 2 16 HRS CHE 103 Chemistry 2 16 HRS GNS 104 English 2 16 HRS BOT 105 Botany 2 16 HRS NAT 106 Introduction to Natural Medicine/Alternative Medicine 3…

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Bachelor of Science in Accounting

  • ID: 1411

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program prepares individuals to practice the profession of accounting and to perform related business functions. Includes instruction in accounting principles and theory, financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, budget control, tax accounting, legal aspects of accounting, auditing, reporting procedures, statement analysis, planning and consulting, business information systems, accounting research…

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Sustainable Development

  • ID: 1410

The Bachelors Degree program in Business Management and Sustainable Development (BMSD) provides college students with the solid, theoretical groundwork that is required to productively achieve the standard career objectives of an organization or company. Our BMSD degree students are given profoundly and comprehensive class that educates them how to effectively manage a company’s scarce resources…

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Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

  • ID: 1409

The program enables students to discover how engineering techniques can be applied to software development and employ their practical experiences in building effective software products. Students are taught how to deliver efficient working products on time. The best practices in software development will prepare students for work as computing professionals. Students learn to develop their…

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Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology with concentration in Power Systems/Renewable Energy

  • ID: 1408

Electronics have revolutionized the world. From iPods and cell phones to personal computers, we use a number of high-tech devices multiple times a day. And individuals with the skills needed to build the electronic circuits that drive these devices are in demand. At The ICT University, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering…

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Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications

  • ID: 1407

Telecommunications is simply communications at a distance using channels that can go beyond city, state and national boundaries. In essence, telecommunications involves the transmission of voice, data, video, or images over a distance by electrical, electromagnetic, light, and wireless media. The bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications explores the broadcasting and communication of data, video and voice…

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Bachelor of Science in Data Communication & Networking

  • ID: 1406

As a network systems and data communications analyst, you’ll play a crucial role in the workplace, making it possible for others to do their jobs. Without networks — and analysts — computers would be unable to share information. Also called network architects and network engineers, analysts make sure that emails can be sent and received,…

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Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Technology

  • ID: 1405

Students earning a degree in AIT will be able to apply accounting and information technology concepts and principles to analyze and solve accounting systems issues, describe and explain accounting and information technology concepts, issues, and solutions, evaluate accounting and information technology issues and solve those issues with viable processes and technology. The Bachelor of Science…

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B.Sc. Information & Communication Technology

  • ID: 1404

Information, Communication and Technology is an interdisciplinary major for students interested in combining information technology with communication foundations. Students in the major will learn skills in cutting edge technology, web design and applications, communicating information effectively, delivering information in and through creative and intelligent approaches, and working in teams. Below is our Fee Structure elaborating all…

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B.Sc. Information Systems & Networking

  • ID: 1403

The information systems and networking major is designed to provide students with a technical background in information technology as well as a broad perspective of the business environment in which information technology plays a strategic role. The major emphasizes the development of business analysis and system implementation skills; these skills can provide a basis for…

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