Our Majors (Programs)

Our Top-Up bachelor’s programs are designed for holders of an Associates degree (HND/DSEP/DUT), any equivalent diploma or who have completed a foundation program in the field they want to top-up in. Top-up programs take 1½ years and consist of three semesters.

Information, Communication and Technology is an interdisciplinary major for students interested in combining information technology with communication foundations. Students in the major will learn skills in cutting edge technology, web design and applications, communicating information effectively, delivering information in and through creative and intelligent approaches, and working in teams.
This specialisation enhances your understanding of the body research, theory and practice which underpins the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education in order to enhance your professional practice, and to enable you to lead or participate in the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative, evidence based ICT solutions which address critical issues in your educational context.
The information systems and networking major is designed to provide students with a technical background in information technology as well as a broad perspective of the business environment in which information technology plays a strategic role. The major emphasizes the development of business analysis and system implementation skills; these skills can provide a basis for job entry, career development and flexibility amid the rapid changes in information technology
Sustainable business degrees integrate the worlds of business and economics with the environmental, social and cultural aspects of sustainability. The degree porgram for those interested in this field can be found in sustainability or business with a concentration that integrates these two areas of study.
Students earning a degree in AIT will be able to apply accounting and information technology concepts and principles to analyze and solve accounting systems issues.Describe and explain accounting and information technology concepts, issues, and solutions.Evaluate accounting and information technology issues and solve those issues with viable processes and technology.
Telecommunications unites the areas of electrical engineering with computer science - the outcome being the design and enhancement of telecommunication systems. Telecommunications Engineers design, develop and maintain all aspects of voice and data communications systems – from satellite and optical fibre networks to data encoding, compression and encryption.