The PhD in Public Health degree is an advanced professional degree program designed for the student who has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree or its equivalent and who intends to pursue a leadership career as a public health professional. The PhD in PH program is unique as it focuses on developing future leaders in public health practice, who will advance the public’s health through the integration and application of a broad range of knowledge and analytical skills in leadership, practice, policy analysis, research, program management and professional communication.

The PhD in PH program prepares these students to translate scientific knowledge into community-based programs that improve the health status of communities, identify solutions to community health problems, and provide leadership in public health policy and management within both academic and nonacademic settings, as well as in public-agency or private-sector settings that emphasize improving the health of the public.

The PhD in PH program consists of at least 54 credits hours. The student may also receive credits for research work, if this work is of high scientific quality (i.e. in principle publishable) and is not related to the thesis work of the student.

The course load will consist of the following:

  • Completion of Coursework
    • ICT Research Seminars (15 hours)
    • Courses in Area of Concentration (27 hours) (Manuscript development)
    • Quantitative Research Methods/Statistics (6 hours)
    • Qualitative Research Methods (6 hours)
  • Doctoral degree comprehensive examination
  • Submission/Publication of three peer reviewed journal and three conference articles (facilitated through one-to-one mentoring of ICT-U faculty members)
  • Scientific (theory-driven) thesis/dissertation
  • Public Defense of thesis/dissertation


Below is our Fee Structure elaborating all the amount of the respective programs, duration and course material fees:

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View Fee Structure for International students

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