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Diploma In Telemedicine

Academics Of Information Sciences

The Diploma course in telemedicine is a one academic year (two semester) course that enables the participant to understand the concept, the scope and the need for telemedicine especially in resource poor settings. The course will enable participants to develop skills for practicing developing, using and deploying electronic medical record systems and practice telemedicine on day-to-day activities of clinical services in the context of resource limited settings. The course will also enlighten allied healthcare clinicians, government health care representatives, policy makers, managers, technologists and others towards the characteristics, potential and building blocks of telemedicine systems. This course promises to facilitate budding clinicians with the knowledge and skills needed in using technology to support healthcare delivery in resource poor settings. It will also enable them to develop as forward looking and tech-savvy clinicians. At the end of the course, students will:

  • Gain Knowledge on current E-health Technologies and Telemedicine.
  • Gain hands-on experience on using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application;
  • Gain Knowledge on implementing a free EMR application.

This course will help enhance the rate and extent of Telemedicine adoption in resource limited settings. Interested entities/organizations will be provided options to launch Telemedicine and E- Health technologies in their organization.

The course is not limited to healthcare professionals; we welcome participation from not only technical background but also those who have a general familiarity with or an interest in the field. The training will be accessible to individuals and organizations interested in telemedicine regardless of existing telecommunication infrastructures and socioeconomic status. However, the course requires a good command of English and basic skills required in using computer, internet and email. Upon graduation, participants are expected to complete eight units; seven of which are core units and one elective core unit.

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