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Diploma In Health Information Technology (Dip. HIT).

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Academics Of Information Sciences

The ICT University proposes to offer its Diploma in Health Information Technology (Dip. HIT) program to your students or staff at your nursing school, medical school, healthcare clinics and hospitals. This intensive six months program will result in the following 15 specific and measurable outcomes:

  1. Gain hands-on experience on using an Electronic Health Records (EHR) application;
  2. Gain knowledge on current Telemedicine and E-health Technologies;
  3. Gain expertise on how existing infrastructure can be leveraged and harnessed for telemedicine practices by health care and ICT professionals.
  4. Learn how Mobile technology can be used as an innovative wireless technology tool, to capture digital images and clinical data and process them to provide real-time diagnosis, prescription and treatment to patients;
  5. Gain hands-on knowledge on implementing free EHR and Telemedicine application at their hospitals, clinics or other medical setting.
  6. Learn about Health Information Technology, e-Health concepts, telemedicine technologies, to identify the overlaps and boundaries between these applications of ICT in healthcare;
  7. Understand the technologies associated with telemedicine and their state-of-the-art in resource-poor and resource-rich settings;
  8. Use Touch Screen technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Memory expansion capabilities and Windows Media Player in facilitating telemedicine activities;
  9. Gain knowledge about the basic principles for conducting an effective telemedicine consultation;
  10. Differentiate and apply telemedicine technologies and practices based on the various specialties and health care environments;
  11. Use Tele-monitoring in the management of several medical conditions, in particular, cardiovascular diseases and demonstrate that this approach is effective in improving service provisions and control;
  12. Gain knowledge on professional licensure, standards, securities issues related to practice in telemedicine;
  13. Understand the process of implementation of telemedicine networks.
  14. Learn patient safety by reducing the need to travel to meet medical care giver thus improving care quality, co-ordination and performance reporting;
  15. Prepare nursing graduates to fit into international nursing science programs by offering course components being taught in nursing programs in the US and other advance nations.

The training programs will help enhance the rate and extent of EHR and telemedicine adoption at your institution’s health related programs. Further, this will provide your local government options to launch Telemedicine & EMR technologies in public health facilities. All of the above will be done with step-by-step support of ICT-U world renowned HIT experts. We will train locals to run these systems such that they can independently manage HITs in their institutions or local communities after two-three years of work experience with ICT-U.


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