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Diploma in E-Learning

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Academics Of Information Sciences

The Diploma of E-learning is a fully online course. It is a blend of project-based, discovery and collaborative learning approaches. It focuses on peer-to-peer facilitated communication with the use of the WebCT and WebEX tools, together with regular phone interaction and email communications to create a vibrant learning community. Learners are expected to manage their own learning in an independent study environment, while the learning community provides support and motivation. This diploma course usually takes One year (Spring and Fall semesters) of training through online lectures and hands-on activities. This will include Introduction to Intelligent Software Agents support for e-learning.

Below is a list of topics that are covered during the three month training:

  • fully online
  • work-based projects relevant to the workplace
  • collaborative learning approach – peer feedback, interaction and support
  • blogs, discussion forums and online collaborative activities
  • online electronic portfolios
  • independent discovery learning
  • role of teacher as facilitator is a significant part of the course.
Program Coursework

Courses covered in the training include the following:


Education Courses
  • Electronic Communication
  • Virtual Community Building
  • E-Learning Planning (agents planning, applying the BDI model)
  • E-Learning Implementation
  • Facilitating E-Learning (application of Intelligent Agents)
Multimedia Courses
  • Planning and Development of Business websites
  • Production and manipulation of digital images
  • Multimedia product design
  • Application of principles of instructional design to media products
  • Application of the principles of visual design/communication to media product development
  • Designing and creating a multimedia interface
  • Development of website information architecture

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