Electronics have revolutionized the world. From iPods and cell phones to personal computers, we use a number of high-tech devices multiple times a day. And individuals with the skills needed to build the electronic circuits that drive these devices are in demand. At The ICT University, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology (B.Eng.) at one of our campus locations and you could be at the forefront of a growing industry. Some of your courses will be taught online and you will get to interact (live) with professors from the US and students from multiple countries.

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technologies is a program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of electrical and electronic systems and their components, including electrical power generation systems; and the analysis of problems such as superconductor, wave propagation, energy storage and retrieval, and reception and amplification.

Whether you are at our ICT-U campus or online, qualified practitioner faculty will teach your classes, and you’ll have regular opportunities for collaboration and interaction with classmates. In addition, Engineering Technology – Electronics students can specialize in the area of Renewable Energy.


Below is our Fee Structure elaborating all the amount of the respective programs, duration and course material fees:

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