Coursework for the Associate of Science in Engineering transfers to four-year baccalaureate engineering programs in the United States of America or continue at one of ICT University’s local campuses based in developing nations. Students in this program will have the option to specialize in Power Systems and Renewable Energy such as Solar Energy and Wind Energy Systems. Students should use the table below in selecting courses based on the requirements of the transfer institution. Students should also plan a program beyond the minimum degree requirements listed in order to transfer into the junior year of their engineering program. Hence, it is very strongly encouraged that students work closely with the academic counselors at ICT-U to do so. Like all our other Associate programs, this program takes two years for full-time students taking classes in all three semesters annually (Spring, Summer and Fall semesters).

Program Goals:

  1. By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning goals:
  2. Comprehend and apply fundamental engineering concepts;
  3. Understand and apply the engineering design process;
  4. Present clear and accurate solutions with respect to mathematics and units of measure.

Developmental Courses:
Some students may need preparatory course in the areas of English or Mathematics. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward this degree.

Below is our Fee Structure elaborating all the amount of the respective programs, duration and course material fees:

View Program Guide for Associate of Science In Engineering (AS)

View Fee Structure for Cameroonian students

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