Registration into any club are done on campus and are open all through the semester!

Clubs on Campus

The Choir
The ICTU choir is a group of choristers found within the University Community. The Choir animates during occasions within the University community like, student parties, International Conferences etc. The choir’s vision is tilted towards singing songs of praise and adoration to God almighty and songs of edification to humanity. The ICTU Choir currently has a membership of over 20 members under the leadership of Miss Njobati Sylvie (Senior, Business Studies and Sustainable Development).
“Let’s get our brains out of the Box, and innovated”. A vision to explore, exploit and play along with fast change Information Technology innovations, and why not be tech makers and not only consumers. The IT-BRAINZ club is made up dynamic IT students who seek to know all about Information Technology. Created in Fall 2013, the membership of the club has grown to over the years. During weekly meetings, members present on latest discovery in technology and very simple ways of solving concrete problems in IT. The IT-BRAINZ has functioned under the leadership of Emmanuel Mbella and ABUNGWO Shalom.
Business Brains
The Business Brains Club (BBC) is an association of young aspiring business owners who have come together to establish a business partnership. With the notion that whatever we see big and admire today, was an idea which had very humble beginnings. The BBC, was therefore created to function within this mindset, beginning to establish a lasting business as students is a necessity. The outstanding projects of the BBC involve training on Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Innovation etc. and Startups. During the academic year 2014/2015, BBC embarked on a livestock Business project, which involved growing of table birds. This project was realized and still in progress and has served as a platform for further study on Business planning and management to this Club. Mbah Cedric Mbah (Junior, Software Engineering) leads a team of 12 students to realize this venture.
As the name implies, SP4PC is an association of dynamic students of the ICT University, who advocate for a positive change in all spheres of life. This clubs mobilizes students and preach positive change. Activities of the club involve organization of workshops, debates, visits to orphanages etc. Activities like training workshops are not only limited within the campus but also involve students from other Universities and Secondary Schools. The last workshop organized was on the theme “Impacts of ICT in the Development of a nation”. This projects will continue in order to create more awareness on the need for a positive change, in our educational milieu and the society as a whole. The club was a Birthday vision of Miss Njobati Sylvie (Senior, Business Studies and Sustainable Development) , coordinated by the founder and Miss Raissa Habiba (Senior, Accounting Information Technology)
The Sports Club.
The sports club is made up of several sports disciplines like football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, video gaming etc. The club creates an avenue for physical fitness, recreation and talent development. The most active discipline being the football, where several matches have been played within the University, spotted encounters like, Cameroon Vs International Students, has left many stories to be told within the club and the University community as a whole. This special club of the University is working so hard to be a flag bearer of the ICT University during the University games.