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Friday 28 Aug 2015
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PhD in ICT - Description

Program Title

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Program Description

The ICT University has a unique focus and commitment: Developing productive and relevant scholars in developing countries. These individuals consistently contribute to new knowledge in the ICT field that advances the field and helps solve pressing socio-economic challenges in their countries. Such new knowledge is widely disseminated through peer reviewed international conference proceedings as well as through world recognized journals in the field of ICT or affiliate disciplines. The ICT sector continues to be a significant engine of growth and a key enabler to other sectors of many economies. With this in mind, the ICT University’s Ph.D. program seeks to provide a forum for the sharing of information and resources in order to educate and promote ICT research and practice in developing countries.

The PhD in ICT is a research degree that  is grounded in applied research methods and experiential learning, bridging theory with practice in the real world. The program aims at giving the students  scientific competence on the highest level within one of the main areas in ICT. The PhD students receive supervision and research training, which provides  the students with a strong research foundation as well as the ability to perform independent research. Students achieve scientific competence through accomplishing independent research work leading to a theory-driven dissertation. Essentially, the doctoral students’ research and dissertations are held at the highest scientific standards of rigor and relevance. Relevance is just as important to the PhD student’s work at ICT University as rigor since students are expected to apply their expertise to field work in their country as well as other developing countries.

The PhD level courses are taught by internationally recognized professors in ICT. These professors conduct their sessions online and students are expected to make presentations on assigned topics.  Furthermore, it is required for each Ph.D. student to be a part of the onsite component of the program which consists of a four-week training session each year at a selected country within the developing nations involved.  This onsite training will be scheduled to include our annual ICT conferences where the students are expected to submit and present their papers. Ph.D. students will also have the option of one onsite visit at our affiliated training center (ICITD - www.icitd.com) in the U.S., where they can spend up to one semester for research and interaction with researchers and associates of the center.   They will also have the opportunity to spend some period of that semester with ICT-U faculty affiliates based at other university campuses.


The ICT University aims at providing a PhD program at the highest quality level. The quality of a thesis should be proven by:

  • International refereed publications,
  • Conference submissions, and
  • Presentations in seminars.

Achieving these standards is in the interest of the university, the advisors and the PhD candidates. The PhD program is designed to encompass a three to four year period of full-time study and up to six-years for part-time study. The average PhD study time is  an average of less than 4 years, with 6 years as an upper limit.

Learning Outcomes

After accomplishing the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degree in ICT, the candidates will have scientific competence at the highest level in ICT research. The candidates shall have acquired wide and in-depth practical academic knowledge in ICT, ability to perform their own research, thoughtful relation to research in the subject area, and the ability to enhance the ICT managerial and policy skill.

The PhD program is the highest degree and qualifies for university and college appointments at the professor level. Alternative career paths are found in research institutes, as well as research departments in industry and business, and other types of work in which a high degree of academic expertise is required.

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